EPIS 2021 Journal Issue
in production.

The EPIS Psychoanalytic Institute is producing its 2021 journal issue
on the meaning of freedom today, given current social and political structure,
sophisticated technology, complex laws and regulations, the Internet,
unprecedented levels of violence, and an unparalleled semio-capitalism
and economy of commodification.


Call for Papers
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Easy-access international education in psychoanalysis & phenomenology

As a part of its overall mission, the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society (EPIS) offers education and training programs for psychotherapists, educators, academics, and artists.

Each of our diploma programs utilizes the methods of phenomenology, psychoanalysis & critical theory with the goal of deepening a student’s understanding of his or her own discipline.

Our student body is both diverse and pluralist, and our cohort groups small.  This affords EPIS the ability to customize each education and training program to the individual needs of each student.

Our diploma programs can be completed in the San Francisco Bay Area, at our low-residency site in Missoula, Montana, Online, and through Skype or Zoom from most locations on the globe.

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