Education, Phenomenology & Existential Psychoanalysis


EPIS 2021 Journal Issue
in production.

The EPIS Psychoanalytic Institute is producing its 2021 journal issue
on the meaning of freedom today, given current social and political structure,
sophisticated technology, complex laws and regulations, the Internet,
unprecedented levels of violence, and an unparalleled semio-capitalism
and economy of commodification.


Call for Papers
look for 2022 this fall


Tuition & Seminars

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The 1-year diploma program in Education and Psychoanalysis is designed for M.A., Ph.D., and Ed.D. students or graduates in education, psychology, counseling, social work, philosophy, anthropology, history, or a related field who are interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of phenomenology as related to teaching and learning in the classroom.

The program is a full year, spanning 12 months in duration and should be of particular interest to practitioners who want intensive study in phenomenology and psychoanalysis in a program that includes competitive tuition, publishing opportunities, and a curriculum that is broader, deeper, and richer than other programs of this type.

Sample of the Curriculum

I.  Core Seminars

Existential Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis;

Phenomenological Method and Psychoanalysis;

Critical Theory, Cultural Criticism & Psychoanalysis;

Traditional Psychoanalysis

II. Specialized Seminars

Teaching, Learning & Existential Psychoanalysis/Phenomenology;

Modernism, Postmodernism and Psychoanalysis;

French Deconstruction and Critical Philosophy;

Critical Theory;

Advanced Existential Phenomenology;

Structuralism, Lacan and Semiology


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